Save Fuel

State-of-the-art combustion technology at industry-low cost per treatment. Use less fuel while making more power! Independent trials demonstrate average fuel economy improvement of +16.55% in gas and +18.61% in diesel engines. Costing less than $0.07 per gallon to treat, TFMD-3 saves an average of $11 per $1 spent (based on current fuel prices).

Save Equipment

Extend your uptime and engine life cycle. Spend less on fluids, filters, and injector replacements. Our advanced multifunction base formula adds lubricity, detergency, and anti-corrosive stabilizers that remove deposits, reduce friction, and counter the negative effects of water in fuel. Ease the burden on expensive DPF components by way of lowered particulate matter. Increase maintenance intervals.

Save The World

Protecting our environment is critical, but emissions compliance is expensive. Now it doesn’t have to be. Turn cost into a return on investment while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. 100% Organic formula (contains no metals) lowers overall harmful emissions by more than 35% and particulate matter (PM) by more than 80%. Business owners, managers, and operators now have a simple solution to help solve the complex problem of compliance.

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Dynamometer Test of Trinity’s Most Advanced TFG-3 Formula

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Octane Rating Power (Max) HP Torque (Max) Lb/HPhr BSFC Lb/HPhr Vol. Eff. % AFR (Max) Ratio
87 No Additive 505.5 525.9 0.375 98.2 13.3
87 With Additive 514.4 534.1 0.372 98.3 13.4
93 No Additive 515 556.6 0.361 98.6 13.2
93 With Additive 522.8 568.2 0.359 99.3 13.4
108 No Additive 527.7 569.7 0.379 99.6 12.8
108 With Additive 525.1 568.4 0.377 99.6 12.9
87 octane gasoline with TFG-3 performed at a level equivalent to 93 octane gasoline without the additive.”


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